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Hello! I’m Lyz Luidens.

I’m a printmaker, power tool user, aspiring pickup truck owner, graphic designer, illustrator, and prankster. I like long walks to the top of mountains, English Bulldogs, climbing trees, looking at maps, the city of Detroit, and ink.

Oh man, do I love ink. And paper. I essentially have a degree in excessively enjoying ink and paper from the University of Michigan Stamps School of Art and Design. I could talk about them all day. Sometimes I do.

I’m well versed in using ink and paper to make relief prints, letterpress prints, lithographs, and intaglio prints. I also dabble in bookbinding and box making. I’ve put on a number art exhibitions, and hope to continue to do so regularly throughout my life.

I live in Detroit, Michigan as a member of the Brick and Mortar Collective housing cooperative. I am currently the Michele Schara Artist in Residence at Detroit Community High School, and I am a 2015 Knight Arts Challenge winner.

If you’ve got a print project to discuss, a question about printmaking, a haiku you really want to share, or you just want to tell me that “pranky” is not a real word, you can reach me at

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