“How to be Human” is the printmaking thesis that I completed over the course of my last year of undergraduate work. It is composed of relief, lithograph, and intaglio prints. GUTS is the name of the group show in which I presented this project, put on with Justin Hein, Taylor Bultema, Alex Kaufman, and Ronan Lynam at the Yellow Barn in Ann Arbor. We handled all press and promotion for the show, as well as the preparation of the space.

My short artist statement about the work is this: “How to be Human” is a collection of prints and instructions explaining the best and only and many ways to be human. Do it right, don’t do it wrong, and if you insist on doing it wrong, do it somewhere else, and make sure it’s the right somewhere else for the nature of your doing it wrong. This is how to be human.”

This is a handbound book I created with Artist Proofs and misprints from this thesis project. Click here to view the thesis project as a whole.